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Pre-Seasoned Salmon

Pre-Seasoned Salmon

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Salmon seasoned and ready to be cooked.  Choose from a variety of flavors.  Arrives in Vacuumed sealed bag.  Placed in freezer until ready to cook. 


6oz Salmon $5.75 - Protein 35g / Fat 10-12g

8oz Salmon- $6.75 - Protein 45g / Fat 12-14g

10oz Salmon- $7.75 -  Protein 57g / Fat 15-16g

Recommended Prep Instructions:

Conventional Oven: cook time 12-15 mins/ 450 Degrees / skin side down/ non-stick pan/ olive oil spray if needed in pan prior to adding salmon

Air Fryer:cook time  7-8 mins/ Preheat 400 Degrees 

Stove Top:  cook time 7-8 mins/ Heat Pan on medium-low heat/ add 1-2 tbs Olive Oil to non stick pan or oil of your choice/ place skin down first cooked for about 4 mins turn over and cooked for another 3-4 mins 

Sous Vide Bag packaging you received : cook time 10-15 mins / Bring 2 cups of water to boil/ add salmon/ put on medium to low heat/  OR  puncture a small & place in microwave for 4 mins (add more time if needed) Note: some microwave have pre-select cook time options

 Microwave: 3-4 mins/ microwave safe dish/ place fish in dish & Cover (some microwave have pre-select cook time options)

(add additional mins as needed to your preference)