Q & A



Q.How do I become a client

A. You can contact us at Lyriah@LyriahsKitchen.com to inquire about becoming a client, or you may fill in the becoming a client form by clicking the tab at top of page. You must be a client in order to place an order.

 Q.When are meals available?

A. Meals are Prepped on Sundays. Pickup/delivery starts at 7pm Sundays.

If this time is too late for you please do not select Sunday. You must inform me if you require your prep on Sunday or Monday so i may prep accordingly.  If you are picking up you must inform me.  Also please keep in mind that I have multiple clients and delivery starts in the BX, then Harlem and Brooklyn.  There will be delays at time whether its in the kitchen or due to traffic.  Please be patient as we try our best to prep and get all your meals to you timely.  Please be home at the time of your delivery and meet driver promptly, a lot of delays occur due to clients not being home &  collecting promptly.

Q. Do you deliver?

A.  Yes, there is a delivery charge. Price is based on location.  You must Select delivery or pick up during checkout.  A delivery invoice will be sent separately.  I am based in the Bronx- charges from the Bronx are as follows: Bronx $8-$13 Harlem/Manhattan ($12-$15) Brooklyn ($15-$20) *subject to change* 

Q. Is your food fresh?

A.  Yes, ingredients are picked up a day or two before prepping.   Ingredients are obtained from, Whole Foods Market, Fresh Direct and  Stop & Shop and local green markets.

Q. Allergies

A. Please inform us of any food allergies so we are able to prep accordingly

Q. How is your food packaged?

A. Food is stored in a PBA free, microwave and dishwasher safe food container.  When you receive your meal refrigerate it or freeze it and then pop it in the microwave when ready to eat.  I recommend adjusting the temperature in your fridge to keep food fresher longer.  If you don't plan on consuming immediately I recommend the freezer.  Food will remain fresh for the week.  The goal is to consume all your meals and not eat out.  

Q. Are your meal prep good for weight loss?

A. Yes,  We encourage clients to share their weight goals with us so we may portion your meals accordingly.  Whether it's to gain or lose weight, a specific calorie goal we will customize your meal to meet those requirements so we can help you in your process.  Weight loss takes work and dedication, we recommend incorporating gym routines in your weight journey.  Our preps are just a way of getting you on the right path. Our meals are prepped with Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil, low to no salt, vegan butter, and other low cholesterol/sodium, fat ingredients.  All servings are recommendations.  Calorie counts may be plus or minus 5-10 calories. 

Q. Am I guaranteed to lose/gain weight?

A. Everyone’s body is different and reacts to food differently.  Some people lose weight faster than others, but I believe with consistent healthy eating and gym routines you can definitely reach your goals. I also recommend that what ever you consume outside of my recommended prep consistent and lines up with the M. I encourage you share as much information with me when it comes to your routines so I can try my best to help more accurately and recommend the proper portions/servings to help on your journey to the body/ health you’re trying to achieve.

Q. Can I pick up multiple orders during the week o?

A. Yes, If you're not able to store as many meals as you would like then you can do a second pick up mid week.  Advance notice is needed.

Q.Is there a minimum order?

A.  There is no minimum order for a first time customer because we want you  to be able to place a small order first to see if the meal is to your  liking.  After that we request that you order at least 3 items.  You set your own budget meal prices range from $2.50-$14.  You have the option of increasing protein in your meal for extra charge.

Q. Do I have to place order at a certain time?

A. A new Menu is up every Thursday by noon.  Intake closes when we've reached capacity.  There's no specific time on that.

Q. How do I pay

A. Website is now updated to take orders online.  Delivery invoices are sent  out separately.  For custom orders a deposit is due on the day you place your order and the remaining balance is due the day before your prep.  There are no refunds on meal preps.  If you do not pick up your food or collect your delivery you're still responsible for cooked food.

Please email us with any other inquiries  Lyriah@lyriahskitchen.com