Hacks for a Healthier Life Style

Are you feeling stuck on your journey to a better & healthier you?

At some point during our journey we tend to not see as much result as when we initially started.  The scale wont move, you may feel bloated at times even though you’re putting in the same effort.  Don’t worry it’s normal! Just a simple change can do the trick.  We tend to get bored after doing repeated activities and the initial effect of why you did it in the first place is no longer there.  Same goes for working your muscles, muscles get bored of the same routine.  Switch up your routine, if you only did cardio before then it’s time to incorporate weights & HIIT workouts.  Take a HIIT class or even a Zumba class.   Your body just needs a trigger to get your metabolism going on a new level.  So don’t panic, don’t give up always consider simple changes and continue to push yourself.  ( contact me for some awesome class recommendations in NYC)


Are you eating the right foods for your blood type?

Above we spoke about being stuck and how switching up our workout routines may produce results again.  There are also other reasons that can create a slowdown on our progress.  Our diet! What are you eating ? With your body now working out on levels it never touched before; are you providing it with adequate proteins, Carbs, Fiber, overall better nutrients?  Are you eating foods that will fuel your body with energy or are you eating food that will leave you feeling bloated & sluggish.  

When changing your lifestyle to a healthier one you must take all this in to consideration.  Most importantly you should be eating for your blood type.  When you eat for your blood type your body tend to breakdown food more efficiently.  As we know a healthy digestive system is key.  You also burn energy a lot better and maintain an overall healthier body in the long run if you decide to decrease your workout activities.  I’ve personally experimented on myself and saw a huge difference.  I’m AB+ (whetehr your +/- doesn’t matter) and had to cut down on way more than the other blood types.  It was hard but it definitely produced the results.  Try it out see if it works for you Share you’re results with me.    

Here are some of the recommendations according to the “Eat Right for Your Type” diet:

  • Those with type O blood should choose high-protein foods and eat lots of meat, vegetables, fish, and fruit but limit grains, beans, and legumes. To lose weight, seafood, kelp, red meat, broccoli, spinach, and olive oil are best; wheat, corn, and dairy are to be avoided.
  • Those with type A blood should choose fruit, vegetables, tofu, seafood, turkey, and whole grains but avoid meat. For weight loss, seafood, vegetables, pineapple, olive oil, and soy are best; dairy, wheat, corn, and kidney beans should be avoided.
  • Those with type B blood should pick a diverse diet including meat, fruit, dairy, seafood, and grains. To lose weight, type B individuals should choose green vegetables, eggs, liver, and licorice tea but avoid chicken, corn, peanuts, and wheat.
  • Those with type AB blood should eat dairy, tofu, lamb, fish, grains, fruit, and vegetables. For weight loss, tofu, seafood, green vegetables, and kelp are best but chicken, corn, buckwheat, and kidney beans should be avoided. Pineapples are great for ABs because it helps with digestion Due to our low stomach acids.